How to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Tis the Christmas season again and as all the good folks at home begin to rifle through their attics for last year’s decorations, we at Focos Displays thought we could give out a few suggestions for making this Christmas a little more eco-friendly; 1) Buy local While malls do their best in trying to drag […]

How can a banner stand help your business grow?

Retractable banner stands are an easy and convenient option to promote your business, product or service. The ability to retract the graphics back into the base stand helps provide a secure way to protect it from damage. Our banner stands come equipped with an updated state of the art mechanism system which allows them to […]

The power of a business card

Did you know that a business card is a very powerful accessory to have to market yourself? Here are a few suggestions to help you design the most suitable card for you and your business; Design The business card’s design is important and can go a long way in leaving a good impression on the […]

LED Lighting vs Fluorescent Tube Lighting

Here at Focos Displays, we believe that LED light bulbs are the ideal long term solution for any lighting related topics. This assessment stems from rigorous and exhaustive testing done on our end. A side-by-side comparison of LED lighting systems with fluorescent T5 lighting systems have shown us significant differences in how these two systems […]

Choosing the perfect light box for your restaurant

A lot of people we meet are always curious to know how one of our light boxes can help them achieve their advertising needs for their business. In the case of our restaurant clients, we always emphasize that “less is more” since our light boxes provide tremendous promotional value by themselves. All that is needed […]