Tis the Christmas season again and as all the good folks at home begin to rifle through their attics for last year’s decorations, we at Focos Displays thought we could give out a few suggestions for making this Christmas a little more eco-friendly;

1) Buy local
While malls do their best in trying to drag you through their doors with awesome deals and discounts, local craft stores and Christmas markets always help bring a personalized touch to gift-giving. Plus you have the added benefit of knowing exactly who and where your hard-earned money is going to!

2) Reuse and recycle
If somehow those attic decorations don’t seem to pan out like they did the year before, you can always head down to the Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift store and browse their aisles for a wide selection of holiday decorations. Plus you’re buying from a place with a good cause, so it’s a win win for everyone involved.

3) Switch to LED
While you may gaze upon your old Christmas lights with nostalgia, it’s good to know that the newer Christmas lights made these days use LED bulbs which are 90 percent more efficient that traditional lights. They also last way longer than the regular fluorescent bulbs. Need we say more?

4) The gift of “Re-gifting”
While a lot of people turn their noses up at the thought of “re-gifting”, that is, to repackage a gift you received before, we actually think it makes perfect sense. Keeping something you don’t need is wasteful and passing on something which could be appreciated by someone else is a good idea. However, we recommend discretion on your part as not everyone can be game to this idea.

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