How can a banner stand help your business grow?

Retractable banner stands are an easy and convenient option to promote your business, product or service. The ability to retract the graphics back into the base stand helps provide a secure way to protect it from damage. Our banner stands come equipped with an updated state of the art mechanism system which allows them to be set up and dismantled with ease.

The retractable banner stand is the perfect option for trade shows and events and is lightweight and extremely durable for long term use. We also offer a double side banner stand option which allows graphics to be displayed on both sides of the stand instead of the traditional single sided one. An example of our single sided banner stand can be seen in the picture below. To find out more, click here.

LED Lighting vs Fluorescent Tube Lighting

Here at Focos Displays, we believe that LED light bulbs are the ideal long term solution for any lighting related topics. This assessment stems from rigorous and exhaustive testing done on our end. A side-by-side comparison of LED lighting systems with fluorescent T5 lighting systems have shown us significant differences in how these two systems line up which we have outlined below;

1) Shelf Life
Fluorescent light bulbs have a rated life span of upto 10,000 hours while LED light bulbs have a rated life span of upto 50,000 hours. Even at the end of its lifespan, LED light bulbs still run at 50% of its capability. To keep up with LED light bulbs, the fluorescent light bulbs would have to be replaced approximately 5 times.

2) Heat Transfer
Fluorescent light bulbs use heat to generate light while LED bulbs use energy to generate light. We see this time and time again with respect to our light boxes where the T5 light boxes tend to get warmer on touch compared to our LED light boxes which maintain a lukewarm temperature throughout operation.

3) Eco Friendly
Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury and glass which are toxic for the environment. LED light bulbs on the other hand contain no harmful chemicals. They also do not emit any UV light which is common in fluorescent light bulbs.

4) Adaptability
Fluorescent light bulbs generally produce a cold blue or white light. LED light bulbs are more adaptable and are available in a wide range of colors and are ideal for use in any lighting environment.

5) Energy Utilization
LED light bulbs consume less power compared to fluorescent light bulbs. This results in lower energy costs for the end user. While fluorescent light bulbs are a cheaper upfront alternative, LED light bulbs provide significant long term cost saving benefits.

All you need to know about Touch Screen Displays

Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, touch screen devices have come a long way. Interacting with a touch screen display is no longer a frustrating and tedious experience. New and advanced technologies have resulted in easily accessible and truly interactive displays that help educate as well as entertain.

While all this sounds great, how does these innovative touch screen displays actually help your business? There are a number of uses these touch screen displays can offer to your client base. Event scheduling, way-finding, information about new products and services, food and drink menus and access to your company website are just a few of the many uses these displays can be setup for. At the same time, collaborating with advertisers to advertise on your touch screen display in the form of banner ads could also result in additional monetizing options for you. Touch screen displays truly provide a captivating platform to help deliver targeted communications to your customer base. They are able to provide benefits to everyone from the customer to you as the advertiser.

We at Focos Displays currently offer a 46 inch Touch Screen Display that we believe can help deliver a truly interactive experience for your customers. Contact us to find out more.

Here’s why we believe our LED solutions are a step above the rest

LED’s have become the de-facto solution for all your lighting needs. Their flexibility and stability are second to none and it’s no surprise they have surpassed fluorescent tubes in usage. At Focos Displays, we take pride in the various LED products we provide. Here’s why you should use our LED solutions;

– Our LED’s provide clear, bright lighting unlike other competing brands.

– Our LED’s have a long shelf life (over 50,000 hours) which allow for extended usage with minimal heat diffusion.

– Our LED’s are environmentally friendly and easy to dispose when needed.

– Our LED’s are small and flexible which allow them to be used in an extensive variety of shapes, sizes,and configurations.

– Our LED’S consume low power using almost 50% less than regular fluorescent tubes.

– Our LED’s are highly durable and extremely lightweight.

– Our LED’s are CSA compliant and UL Listed (unless stated otherwise).

A few photos of our products in action at Evoque, Surrey BC

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to work with Maskeen on their new housing project “Evoque” located in Surrey BC. Evoque is a brand new and innovative townhouse development currently in pre-construction. Our goal was to provide a comprehensive promotional experience that would enthrall as well as educate visitors at the on-site show home. Check out some of the photos below to see our light boxes and touch screen display in action at the show home.

For more information about the light boxes used in this project, click here

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Introducing the 3D Holographic Display!

One of the newest products in our lineup is a 3D Holographic Display. Based on 3D Projection Mirror Imaging technology, this innovative display can showcase static or dynamic 3D images or videos to appear as if they are floating in the air with a 180º viewing angle and which can be viewed from 3 sides. Viewers are able to walk around and enjoy the 3D holographic visualizations suspended in the air. These devices are ideal for innovative product ad placements in malls, airports, trade shows and other public locations.

While the design process for these devices might seem daunting, it is necessary to point out that with the help of a simple video editing program, we were able to create similar high quality videos as shown in the demo below. Feel free to contact us to learn how this device can help you achieve your advertising and promotional needs.

Our Aberdeen Mall adventure

One of the latest projects we undertook involved a complete redesign of the existing food court at the Aberdeen Mall in Richmond, Canada. Richmond is unique in the sense that it is home to one of the largest Asian communities outside of Asia and so our frames were designed keeping that in mind. We also had the opportunity to work first hand with a local sign company called Quality Awning & Signs who designed and built the store signs. Overall we were quite happy with how everything turned out. Check out the photos below to see the final redesigns.

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