Choosing the perfect light box for your restaurant

A lot of people we meet are always curious to know how one of our light boxes can help them achieve their advertising needs for their business. In the case of our restaurant clients, we always emphasize that “less is more” since our light boxes provide tremendous promotional value by themselves. All that is needed is a killer informational graphic showcasing your menu and you are basically good to go. Take for example our wall suspended Clear Frame LED Light Box. These illuminated frames can be hung right in front of a glass wall or window which allows your restaurant to attract regular passers-by and helps transform them from casual window shoppers to actual paying customers. An example of these transparent acrylic frames can be seen in the picture below. For more information, click here.

Thinking of purchasing a new LED sign – Here’s a few tips!

Purchasing a sign can be a pretty big deal so we have compiled a small list of tips to help you make the right choice;

Investing in the Right Sign

While there are many cheap options available on the market, it does not necessarily translate into a suitable sign for your brand or even for your business. While low-cost signage might help in the short run, it always pays to invest in a higher quality sign which would lead to less headaches and ultimately help serve your business on a long-term basis.

Choosing the sign that fits your business

It is vital that you choose the sign that best represents who you are as a business. This does not just involve selecting the right size and style but making sure the sign is optimally placed so that your customers have the best possible exposure. Deviating from these simple tips can prove costly and could result in expensive and time consuming replacements and modifications that may add up over time. At Focos Displays, we offer a variety of sizes and styles for you to choose from as well as suggestions on how to maximize your sign’s potential.

Prints for your Sign

One of the other key factors to take into account when purchasing a sign is how easy it can be to replace. This is essential if you are constantly changing the content that is displayed to your clientele. Using frames with removable graphic prints would be an ideal solution in this scenario and the costs associated with this are reasonably low. We at Focos Displays have the privilege of offering high quality digital printing services which can help in this regard.

Content is Key

One of the few areas that business owners tend to lose focus is content. Information overload can confuse or mislead your clientele which would result in them being unable to decipher the message put across. Instead, focus on using a clean layout with a clear, concise message. This can go a long way in drawing more attention and clientele to your business.


Maintenance is another key factor in extending the shelf life of your new LED sign. This could be as simple as using a damp cloth to clean the sign or manually opening the sign to make sure there are no wiring or electrical issues. This can go a long way in reducing hazardous safety issues which may arise at a later date. You can rest easy knowing that every Focos Display sign we sell are CSA and UL certified, which are the industry standard when it comes to safety.

A few photos of our products in action at Evoque, Surrey BC

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to work with Maskeen on their new housing project “Evoque” located in Surrey BC. Evoque is a brand new and innovative townhouse development currently in pre-construction. Our goal was to provide a comprehensive promotional experience that would enthrall as well as educate visitors at the on-site show home. Check out some of the photos below to see our light boxes and touch screen display in action at the show home.

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Our Aberdeen Mall adventure

One of the latest projects we undertook involved a complete redesign of the existing food court at the Aberdeen Mall in Richmond, Canada. Richmond is unique in the sense that it is home to one of the largest Asian communities outside of Asia and so our frames were designed keeping that in mind. We also had the opportunity to work first hand with a local sign company called Quality Awning & Signs who designed and built the store signs. Overall we were quite happy with how everything turned out. Check out the photos below to see the final redesigns.

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