While online shopping can save you considerable time and effort, a majority of people are unaware of the subtle dangers that it can bring. Even with the latest security programs installed on your computer, it is quite easy to be tricked online. Hence we have decided to put out a small list of helpful tips to help make your online shopping experience a little safer;

1) Buy from reputed websites
Buying from reputed websites is the ideal way to start your online shopping process. Sites like Amazon and eBay are the goto stores and have practically everything under the sun. However, it would be unfair to rule out shopping at smaller ecommerce sites as a majority of them have very secure shopping platforms as well. Easy signs to spot a hack website would be misspelled words, amateurish graphics and crazy deals. Remember, if the prices are “too good to be true” then they most likely are just that.

2) Search for the SSL-verified logo
A huge tell-tale sign while shopping online would be to look for the SSL-verified logo on the site you visit. This could include a gold shield logo or something similar placed at the top of the store site. Another way to verify this would be to check your web browser’s Page information menu which would tell you whether the website is encrypted or not. Legitimate shopping websites will always have an SSL certificate from known brands such as Verisign, GeoTrust (what we use!), Comodo, DigiCert etc. For more about SSL, click here

3) Seller has a physical location
One of the most basic giveaways of an online store’s legitimacy is the physical address. Any reputable business will have a physical location posted somewhere on its website. This is a significant point that many buyers fail to pay attention to. Having a physical location shows that the website is a real business and if any issue arises, you are aware of where to turn to. Need we say more?

4) Making payments online
PayPal is the defacto payment method for shopping online and it’s easy to see why. PayPal uses a secure payment system which protects your purchases in case anything goes wrong. Another secure method of payment would be using a credit card such as Visa, MasterCard or AmEx. We strongly recommend skipping using checks or money transfers as they tend to be linked to many online payment scams.

While online shopping can be a scary experience for some, using a little discretion can go a long way in making shopping online a pleasant experience for you. FYI our online Focos Displays store has all the above security settings enabled so feel free to shop without concern. Happy Shopping!

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