All you need to know about Touch Screen Displays

Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, touch screen devices have come a long way. Interacting with a touch screen display is no longer a frustrating and tedious experience. New and advanced technologies have resulted in easily accessible and truly interactive displays that help educate as well as entertain. While all this sounds […]

Here’s why we believe our LED solutions are a step above the rest

LED’s have become the de-facto solution for all your lighting needs. Their flexibility and stability are second to none and it’s no surprise they have surpassed fluorescent tubes in usage. At Focos Displays, we take pride in the various LED products we provide. Here’s why you should use our LED solutions; – Our LED’s provide […]

A comprehensive LED Light Box frame sizing guide

To help you with your next LED light box purchase, we made this small little graphic showcasing all the various styles and sizes we currently have in stock. Feel free to download and save the PDF version here.

Tips for a secure online shopping experience

While online shopping can save you considerable time and effort, a majority of people are unaware of the subtle dangers that it can bring. Even with the latest security programs installed on your computer, it is quite easy to be tricked online. Hence we have decided to put out a small list of helpful tips […]

Thinking of purchasing a new LED sign – Here’s a few tips!

Purchasing a sign can be a pretty big deal so we have compiled a small list of tips to help you make the right choice; Investing in the Right Sign While there are many cheap options available on the market, it does not necessarily translate into a suitable sign for your brand or even for […]