Did you know that a business card is a very powerful accessory to have to market yourself? Here are a few suggestions to help you design the most suitable card for you and your business;


The business card’s design is important and can go a long way in leaving a good impression on the other party. A business card should adequately put across to your target client what you want them to perceive about you. The design should be clean and simple to avoid cluttering the card while giving unique value to the customer who receives it. Although most business cards are the standard 3.5” x 2” size, creatively shaped cards or materials promote conversations and should be pursued depending on the nature of your business.


The message written on the card should be clear and concise. Information such as your company name, logo, your name (title optional), and contact information should be written on the front of the card. While most cards will have the bottom side blank, it doesn’t hurt to add a little content to spruce things up. Placing a photograph of yourself on the card can go a long way in helping a client remember your name and face.


Business card etiquette is important and differs depending on a client and their background. For example, in Asian countries, business cards are presented and received with both hands, read over and then placed on the table in front of you or into a wallet (placing a card into your pockets is considered offensive). The general rule of thumb is for business cards to be handed out after you introduce yourself to the other party. However, keep in mind that being too eager to give out a card can have a negative effect.

In conclusion, do not be afraid to be adventurous when designing your business card and do not hesitate to ask a designer for help and advice. As business practices and technology continue to advance, so does the art of business cards.

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